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APRIL 14, 2016


We have about 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day giving us about 45 thoughts a minute. How often do we sit down and evaluate these thoughts. For myself, I let these thoughts run wild like the wild monkeys in the scene from Jumanji. Life itself moves so fast, how do I tell my thoughts to slow down?

Lately I am learning the importance of my thoughts. The ability they have of transforming my life for the better of worse. Every passing day I am learning how important it is be a gatekeeper of my thoughts allowing only the ones that will help my life for the better.

Why do I bring this up in relation to floating? Floating allows me to slow down my thoughts down giving me the ability to pick apart the structure and value of these thoughts. Thoughts that are held valuable whether it be productive or destructive become thought patterns. You add a thought to another and we create these little worlds within our minds. Floating allows me to get rid of the thoughts that slows down the prosperity of my mind.

This may seem like a lot of abstract jargon, but here are two examples of a constructive thought and a destructive thought I had during my float.

Constructive: In a month I will be having a big Poker Tournament Series for which I will have my team of five coming to Vancouver. I am the head of the team and have a very important role of being the Team Captain. With this role to fill, I pondered the idea of what it meant to be a strong role model. The actions I need to take, how I would carry myself, how I would control my emotions and most importantly how I can inspire my team to be better than me.

Destructive: In the past I have always thought that ‘one day in the future’ I would become the best poker player in the world. During this week I had the good fortune of sitting down with a 46 year old Olympian who is currently the BC record holder for the 100m dash. What he allowed me to recognize is that thinking this way puts it in the future, an undefined time. So he empowered me to think of being the World Champion at this current moment. While in the tank, I started rewiring my brain to think that I am now the world’s best. His advice was that once I start believing this for the current moment, nothing will stop me from attaining it. The law of attraction will have no choice but to make it a reality.

Floating is a useful tool because it slows down my thoughts enough so that I can grow my positive thinking that helps me prosper like a tidy gardener getting rid of the weeds that sprout up and need to be pulled. The 90 minutes went by in a flash it seemed like but I am already looking forward to my personal progress during the next float.


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