A diverse education and varied work experiences have accorded me a depth and breadth of experience to bring to our meetings. My therapy is best described as humanistic, existential, and with a common sense approach which draw from many therapeutic methods. Therapy is rooted in kindness, care, compassion and attentive listening.

Some of the approaches I use:






Family System/Family of Origin


“Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with
which the intellect has wrestled in vain.” – Karl Jung

Sandplay is a therapeutic method which allows people the opportunity to freely create scenes drawing on both their conscious and unconscious minds, which then become the basis for exploring feelings and conflicts. Working out personal ideas in three dimensions bypasses the difficulty many people may initially have in expressing their deepest feelings of anxiety, fear, anger or confusion.

Our Patient Says

As a 35-year-old fast-paced professional, seeing Gene was both a calming and empowering experience for me. He helped to feel at ease with myself, affirming that many of my thoughts – my “read” on my consciousness and feelings—were not crazy. What a gift! The process reinforced my inner dialogues and provided additional tools to help grow an increasingly empowered sense of self, and I couldn’t have asked for more. In this increasingly rapid-changing world, to be assured that I am on right track, and in touch with my feelings my consciousness is a tremendous boost.


Life can be tough, even overwhelming, as we will all, inevitably, experience traumatic events. It’s how we deal with trauma that is critical. Gene Bonny has developed a unique path to healing based on a long career of helping people, ancient Zen techniques, and modern psychology. There is a way out, one step at a time, although it may be hard to believe at first. Gene can quietly guide you by teaching to stay in the present moment, find a safe place to face your fears, understand the cause of the trauma, and ultimately, experience personal growth. The goal is that at the end of the path to recovery, you will be a better, more complete, and ultimately, a stronger person.


As a child, the sandbox was where my imagination was always able to run free, unlike other childhood spaces. At the end of every session, Gene would enter the space, assume a posture of mindful listening, and inquire into the world that I had invented. His questions were simple and never leading. I remember en then feeling inspired to travel deeper and share more of what I had made because I trusted that I was being witnessed without judgment. Never once did Gene label or diagnose what I made in the sandbox. H simply was there to witness my storytelling. It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized that it was in fact no “me” that had been doing the playing, but my subconscious—that unbeknownst to me, I had been developing a language around my grief all this while. This language has provided me objectivity and dexterity with my emotions. With time, the sandbox reveals the deep connective tissue between play and self-realization. It’s principles still work on me to this very day.


My Referral and Fees

The fee is well within the rate recommended by B.C. Psychology Association. The fee will be discussed beforehand and a fee reduction can be considered for those on limited income.


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