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Merced Holdings is a California based producer of purer, cleaner forms of award winning cannabis concentrate under the brand name “Elicit Labs”. We are expanding our proprietary production process to grow our existing product line and introduce new lifestyle brands for both recreational and health consumption.

Our Products

Our products are produced by experts within the cannabis community for the cannabis community.

Vape Oil

We will able to offer both CO2 oil and Distillate into a syringe package that will be able to be dabbed, taken orally, or used to refill cartridges from ours, and other manufacturers’ product line.


Shatter is a staple of the concentrate market. Inexpensive to produce, and the most bought dabable concentrate. We will be able to offer these products in both CO2 formats and in Hydrocarbon forms.

Live Resin

Live resin is known for its excellent flavor and resemblance to the aroma and taste of the live plant. It is the boutique extract and has a moist, shiny looking exterior with a strong, rich smell.

Absolute Crumble

We have developed a proprietary method of creating a high potency, extremely clean product that can be made very attractive despite using material that would be considered unsuitable by other manufactures.


By using the latest technology we have created an award winning vaporizer experience that satisfy the most discriminating consumer. We can offer CBD and THC lines in hydrocarbon and CO2.

Experts in Cannabis Concentrates

Our products are produced by experts within the cannabis community for the cannabis community.


Input material Procurement

Licensed Distributor

Wholesale & Licensing

Elicit Labs Production

In House Brands, White Label, Wholesaler

Merchandising & Marketing

Wholesale & Licensing

Expanding Production, Increasing Revenues

New production facility will increase production by 10 fold to 150,000 grams per month (+900%).

Oils extracted from high quality product line, closely replicating the terpene profile of the original plant
40L supercritical CO2 fluid extraction unit

High quality input + plus proprietary process = high quality output

Concentrates and molecular isolates
Absolute Crumble, Oil for vape, Live Resin, and others.

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