Bookkeeping Services

Run your practice, while we run your numbers


Make intelligent & informed decisions regarding your day to day operations and investments, and gain control over the direction of your practice.

We provide the strong and supportive infrastructure you need to run a successful practice by giving you the right information, at the right time.

 Services include:

  • Processing of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly: bills, income statements, payroll, cash flow, balance sheets
  • Remittance of HST & source deductions
  • Reconciliation of expenditures vs. revenue
  • Tax preparation
  • Liaising with your accountant: we submit a full set of balanced books to your accountant, which should result in reducing your accounting fees substantially.

Management of Regulatory & Professional (CME) Requirements

Practice medicine securely, knowing your requirements are met on time


Experience peace of mind knowing that you are up to date on all your regulatory, CME and membership requirements. We keep record of all your certificates, annual dues and upcoming deadlines, issuing you reminders and processing transactions on your behalf.

Services include:

  • Centralized storage of CME certificates
  • Professional association membership renewals
  • Processing of annual regulatory memberships
  • Timely course enrolments
  • Travel / hotel bookings
  • Maintenance of full records so you never lose track

Professional / Personal Financial Management & Planning

Realize your financial goals sooner than you thought possible


We support Physicians along all levels of their careers (from new graduates to soon-to-retire) to effectively manage and grow finances, keep more earnings and invest wisely. Define your financial vision through our structured, targeted approach that defines short, mid and long-term goals for tangible success.

 Services include:

  • Corporate & personal taxes
  • Cashflow planning
  • Earnings retention
  • Risk management
  • Investment & estate planning
  • Retirement, education & special needs planning

Practice Management Support Services

Drive your practice in the right direction


Know you are making solid business decisions that lead you to results. Our services guide you along the entire journey, whether you are considering starting your own practice, or retiring. We provide the tools, resources and manpower required to successfully manage your practice.

Services include:

  • Practice set-up support:business plans, loans, equipment, supplies, electronic medical records
  • Assistance with recruiting, hiring, training of employees
  • Billing support:submissions, compliance, management of rejections
  • Full legal services (medicolegal, premises, etc.)

Home and Personal Needs

Take back time and enjoy what matters most to you


Your career is demanding, so any time “off” should be spent exactly the way you wish. Do the things that you enjoy most, and leave tedious and time-consuming home and personal tasks to us. We ensure that your home and personal affairs are running smoothly through coordinated support.

Services include:

  • Travel bookings
  • Grocery shopping
  • House cleaning
  • Laundry / dry-cleaning
  • Pet grooming / care
  • Small repairs / renovations
  • Moving / packing assistance
  • Restaurant / entertainment bookings
  • Gift shopping
  • Event / celebration planning
  • Personal care appointments (hair, nails, medical, massage, etc.)