Tiny Treasures Programs

The Tiny Treasures Programs introduce your child to the magical world of music and storytelling. Learning is done through singing, playing instruments, and movement truly allowing your child’s natural abilities to shine. We have so much fun during our classes that your child may not even realize this is an educational experience.

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What’s to love at Inspire 88


Students are given many opportunities to play and learn with their peers.


In addition to reading music we arrange, improvise, and compose our own music.

Gamified Learning

Concepts are taught and retained with a variety of games and educational apps.


There are 2 recitals held each year to provide students with an encouraging environment to show others their knowledge.

Get Great Results

Students who choose to take exams achieve fantastic marks, while still having lots of fun along the way.

Our Classes

Tiny Treasures Programs

The Tiny Treasures Programs introduce your child to the magical world of music and story telling.

Rotante Classes

These classes are a unique program designed to provide your child with an incomparable learning experience.

Compagno Classes

Compagno Classes revolutionize the way students can continue their musical education. Whether your child is looking to take their music further, prepare for exams, or simply play for enjoyment Inspire 88 is committed to nurturing the unique paths of each musician.


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“Miss Rebecka is on the cutting edge of teaching piano! She ensures every student achieves success at whatever level they are at by following your child’s interests and using a variety of teaching methods. Miss Rebecka teaches both my daughters and adapts her teaching style to engage and meet the complex needs of both of them. She puts much thought into which strategies and programming she uses. My one daughter loves piano and the other one is a tougher sell. Miss Rebecka has managed to keep both of my girls interest by offering diverse methods of exploring the piano such as group lessons, composing songs, and fun piano parties (with pizza of course!). I have given my daughters the choice to quit every year and they keep wanting to learn and explore the joy of music with Miss Rebecka! I highly recommend her without reservation. She’s awesome!”


“We started with Miss Rebecka two years ago as our daughter really wanted to learn to play piano. We were quite skeptical that she would be able to pick up the skill or the passion to continue past the first year as we are not a very musically gifted family. However, through Rebecka’s passion, patience and skill she has found her musical bone and has developed a true love for the piano. We are very thankful to have found Rebecka, she has a way of pulling the best out of all her kids no matter their skill level. I know our daughter will have a lifelong love for music and piano due to this awesome start at inspire 88 with Miss Rebecka”


“Miss Rebecka’s love for music is infectious and she shares her passion with her students. She has strong technical skills and an eye for detail, which she uses to help each of her students to improve and grow in their piano skills. She engages her students through a balance of keyboard and interactive activities. Miss Rebecka makes learning the piano fun!”


“Miss Rebecka has provided our boys with such a caring and interactive environment for learning music. They have so much fun with her and we are very impressed with their progress!”


“Miss Rebecka is the most creative piano teacher! Her lessons are always fun and engaging and my daughter loves going. She will never forget her first lesson: not only did they play the piano they played with rings and jewelry while learning about piano notes. Miss Rebecka also always makes practicing fun. I never have to fight with my daughter to practice at home. She just wants to! I attribute this to Miss Rebecka’s creativity, encouragement, and support. Thank you!”


“Our kids have been taught piano by Miss Rebecka for almost 4 years now. Her teaching and coaching methods are truly remarkable. She uses various ways such as piano parties to engage kids which makes learning much more fun. We have enjoyed watching our kids challenge themselves and master their skills each year. Miss Rebecka is very transparent and professional!”


“Miss Rebecka has been our daughters piano teach for 2 years now. We are incredibly happy with all the work she has done with our daughter. She is so patient and has kept our daughter engaged and challenged. We highly recommend her and her piano studio!”